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Our highly qualified engineering team, strategic partners and skilled craftspeople can help design and manage your assets for long-term performance, compliance and hazard risk mitigation.

Audits and Evaluations

  • Complete mineral insulated (MI) break evaluation
  • Standard panel audit
  • Comprehensive inspection
  • Failure investigation

Heat Tracing Products and Services       

  • System design and restoration
  • Advanced panels and products
  • Mineral insulated (MI) cable design, repair and fabrication
  • Panel design and fabrication
  • Installation
  • Technical support


Turnkey Solutions

As a BrandSafway company, Diamond Thermal Systems offers a broad range of complementary access and industrial services, such as scaffolding and insulation. Visit to learn more.

Electric Heat Trace System with InsulationCompleted piping project (electric heat trace with insulation) at a combined cycle power plant.

Electric Heat Tracing Panels

Typical electric heat trace panels with full documentation package: load balanced, circuit description and location.

Heat Trace Roof and Gutter System

A properly installed and operating heat trace roof and gutter system helps prevent ice dams and gutter/downspout issues from destroying valuable assets.